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Marble Surface

Who We Are

A combination art, print, decor and design studio bringing you limited edition wall art and more, so your interiors can be uniquely you...

What We Do

Re-imagine your walls with limited-edition canvas prints, murals and wallpaper. We also specialise in all-weather outdoor prints so you can add the wow factor to any outdoor space. We love working with clients to bring their custom ideas to life and yes, we custom size too and print your own photos.


Don't replace
- upgrade!

Create, renovate or transform your walls
and furniture with Cover Styl'.

Thanks to our thermoformable adhesive film system, cover many surfaces such as wood, aluminium or PVC. Instead of replacing your furniture, choose our covering system and transform doors, kitchens, walls and more.

· It's fast, easy to install, bubble-free and resistant to heat and humidity
· Reduced cost, between 50 and 70% less than traditional renovation
· Unequaled quality, both in the materials and in the renderings (over 400 textures available)
· A 10-year guarantee against peeling, cracking and yellowing

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Who we are
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